I'll be Damned

The Harker Legacy Book One

The Ripper returns and he's more bloodthirsty than ever...

It's been a year since Hazel's older sister was murdered by the killer the newspapers dubbed Jack the Ripper. And she's tired. Tired of watching her brilliant father lose his inspiration for tinkering. Tired of her family withdrawing from hunting, even as she takes on the family legacy. And she's tired of being the Harker, a legendary vampire hunter.

Worse, not only is she battling vampires nightly, she's also fighting against societal norms that label her an old maid and improper, and very nearly led her to be hospitalized for mania. At best, she skirts around polite society to focus on her mission and her inventions.

Yet while at the docks, she meets sailor Jacob Etheridge, an American who was attacked by a new kind of vampire. She realizes that the Ripper may be back--and this time, he's an unstoppable force that could forever change the course of history.

Years before Edie Harker took on the vampire apocalypse, Victorian hunter Hazel Harker faced down a bloodthirsty killer that threatened not only London and all of Great Britain but humans and vampires everywhere.

New York Times Bestselling Author Erin Hayes returns to hunting vampires, only this time with a steampunk twist in gaslamp London. 

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